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Sugar Moon


next week will be better.

Maybe I have gotten my wristpain because I am doing to much work behind the computer. Since I have my new work I have to type a lot more and i think my body has to get used of sitting behind the computer the whole day. I have already bought a very good chair and the screen en keyboard are also specially made to increase the possibilities of getting any complaints such as mouse arm and more of these discomfort. I think it will be just a matter of time that my body gets used of this work and next ...

A movie in a boring weekend.

Amazing how you can enjoy a movie in three dimensions. I never want so often to the movies like we do the last few months. It makes the movies quite a lot more fun. The glasses you have to wear are improved each time by the technique of polarization modulator. This is great and it can make some of our dull weekends a little bit better by seeing a movie in 3d.My children love it too although I am not certain if that is because they like the huge amount of popcorn they always want to buy. Anyway we have ...